August 22nd, 8am-10am

The Native Plant Initiative is giving away Free Native Mallow Plants to residents of the GNO area.  Each family will receive one mallow of one of 5 species according to availability and while supplies last.  A Drive-Through and Walk-Up station will be set up in front of the church.  Please wear masks to protect our volunteers.

First Grace United Methodist Church, 3401 Canal Street, New Orleans                                  


Volunteer Opportunities

Our projects can always use attention, especially this time of year.  Weeds easily get the best of any garden in the summer.  If you are interested in helping to maintain any of our existing native gardens at Delgado, the New Canal Lighthouse gardens or the Big Lake Native Trail Garden in City Park,  Contact Us for more information and we will gladly meet you and/or go over the details of what is needed, the When’s and the How’s.  Volunteers can make their own schedules for the most part once familiar with the projects needs.

** WED., AUGUST 5TH – BIG LAKE NATIVE PLANT TRAIL, 8AM-10AM:  We will be working with a small group of church volunteers to weed, trim and much areas of the Big Lake Native Trail.  We will be sending directions in an email to the Membership.  (Look for #4 Friedrichs Ave. on your phone, and you’re right across the street from the Lake and the Trail).



Physical Meetings are on hold until further notice due to Covid but we are working on Zoom Meetings and other Educational ways to connect with the Membership soon.