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Membership Meeting March 25th 9am

Membership meeting: UNO Admin Garden & Woodlot – Meet at Admin Garden, 6650 Milneburg Road garden is adjacent to parking lot

Native Plant Giveaway – Lower 9th Ward

1235 Deslonde Street 1235 Deslonde Street, New Orleans, LA

The Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association and Neighborhood Association are partnering with NPI to give away two of our favorite species of native flowering plants, Cardinal flower and Lemon Bee Balm. Cardinal flower will grow in part shade and likes plenty of moisture.  It loves rain gardens or just plain wet areas of the landscape ...continue reading "Native Plant Giveaway – Lower 9th Ward"

UNO Urban Bird Trail – Quadrant Tree Planting, Work Day 2

UNO Woodlot

The Urban Bird Trail at UNO's campus will be expanded with additional plantings of native trees to an open quadrant adjacent to previous plantings at the Woodlot. Bring Gloves, shovels and good cheer as we work alongside area youth to enhance the wildlife habitat at this lake front haven.