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Member Events and Projects

Membership Meetings

Physical meetings are on hold until further notice due to Covid, but Zoom Meetings and Volunteer Dates will be posted here when available.

NPI Volunteer Projects

Our projects can always use attention.  Weeds easily get the best of any garden in the summer.  If you are interested in helping to maintain any of our existing native gardens at Delgado, the New Canal Lighthouse gardens, the Big Lake Native Plant Trail in City Park,  the Keller Library Prairie Planting, please contact us and we will gladly meet you and/or go over the details of what is needed, the When's and the How's.  Volunteers may be able to make their own schedules for the once familiar with the projects needs.
Email: for more information

BIG LAKE NATIVE PLANT TRAIL- new garden Installation                              Saturday, March 20th, 2021, 9am New Orleans City Park

Other Local Volunteer Opportunities