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Good Weed/Bad Weed

NPI's Good Weed/Bad Weed database – the only one specifically for volunteers found in the southeast Louisiana ecosystem – provides reliable information so that you can make an informed decision to keep, observe, move, or pull out a particular plant. The database contains species description, habitat, photos, and guidance on how to care for desirable species, eradicate undesirable ones, perhaps just observe others.

There is a search feature to help you identify weeds by their characteristics, or you can use one of the many plant ID apps to enter the scientific name.

Starting with an initial 20 species in Fall 2023, plants will continue to be added to the database as we do the research.

This free online resource is accessible through your desktop computer as well as your mobile device.  No login or signup required!

A few things to bear in mind while using the database:

  • please navigate using the green arrows at the top of each screen
  • if you use regular browser arrows, you will exit the database
  • it's OK though, you can always just click on the button to re-enter

Click the button below to enter!

Questions, comments, technical issues? Please email us. We welcome your feedback.