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Louisiana Certified Habitat

Louisiana Certified Habitat Levels

Bronze: 25 native plant species or 25% of plants are native

Silver: 50 native plant species or 50% of plants are native

Gold: 75 native plant species or 75% of plants are native

Payment is due at the time of application: $35 for members, $45 for non-members. This includes the cost of your Louisiana Certified Habitat sign. 

If certification is not granted you will be refunded.

Please reach out if cost is an issue.

Prior to approval, you may be asked to schedule a site visit with an NPI expert.

Certified Habitat Fee $45.00
Become a Member Today for a discounted application fee.

Submit Payment

Please note that to successfully complete this application you will need to download and complete the Native Plant Checklist below. You should also have photos of your property ready to upload. 

Helpful Links: Native Plant Checklist | Guide to the Plants of Louisiana (not all native) | Tier 1 Invasive Species|Formation of LCH

Prefer a paper application? Download HERE and email to or mail it with a check to 248 Brooklyn Ave.
Jefferson, LA 70121.