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This event is open to the public and is intended to purpose to give the community an understanding of the massive water infrastructure project that will soon begin outside their doorsteps. Native plants will play a part in the stormwater management of this area. A bioswale will go in around Filmore Park, and Courtney was awarded a public art project for a footbridge over the bioswale. The footbridge is to be educational as well as artistic and will feature images and information about the native plants that will be in the bioswale and that grow in New Orleans. At this event, NPI will have an Activity and Information table where visitors and neighbors can learn about native plants, make SeedBeads with native seeds provided and/or take native seeds home to plant in their gardens.

This is an opportunity to share your knowledge about native plants and NPI. Courtney is open to any amount of help you can give. You might get a little dirty, so be prepared!

Tabling at Filmore Park, and seed scattering at meadow site.

9:30-11:30 - set up tabling at Filmore Park:  We will be introducing native plants to attendees. We'll have pictures of natives and of the plants that will go in the bioswale, NPI materials, etc., and need your expertise!  We will have bowls of native seeds, and will be set up for people to make seed balls, or to pot up seeds on the spot. Any pointers for what works best for tabling are welcome. More info on seed balls.

11:30 to 1:30 - tabling wrap up, reconvene at Native Wildflower Meadow at Leon C. Simon, assist in seed scattering (I have 2 lbs of a native mix) and tamping down seeds, breakdown. This will be the more active shift, scattering or assisting the scattering on site.